Man decides to drive over policeman to avoid ticket

The owner of a £200,000 Ferrari 458 Spider decided he didn’t want the ticket the policeman was writing for him, so decided just to drive over him.

From parking ticket to felony offence in moments, the owner of this Ferrari in New York City decided he didn’t want to receive the parking ticket the officer was writing for him. Getting into his car, he proceeded to slowly pull away, while the police officer commanded him to stop and stood in front of the vehicle.

As the car moved, the policeman started shouting, claiming the car had gone onto his foot, at which point the man was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest.

With the largest parking fine in New York being $165, it is slightly puzzling that someone that can afford a £200,000 car would not just pay the ticket.

The driver, 29-year-old millionaire Julien Chabbott, owner of social media site Line Snob, unsurprisingly had all charges dropped against him, insisting through his lawyer that he never ran over the cop’s foot — and that his Spider wouldn’t hurt a fly.

As for why the car moved forward, “It’s a Ferrari — it almost moves by itself. You wouldn’t believe it”.

How would this case have turned out if the accused wasn’t a millionaire?