Liverpool man attempts to bribe traffic warden with crisps

A man from Liverpool tried his hardest to avoid the wrath of traffic wardens by leaving a humorous note and a pack of crisps as a present.

traffic warden crisps

Enough to melt the hearts of traffic wardens?

A sharp-eyed Liverpudlian spotted the above note on a car last week that was parked where it shouldn’t.

The note read:

Dear Mr/s Traffic Warden,
I will be at my car by 10:30am… Promise!
Please do not book me, I had a christmas print with the lads and didn’t want to drink and drive, here is a packet of chrisps on me!!

Happy Christmas!!

In an oddly vain attempt at a flowchart, an arrow labelled “Traffic Warden Crisps” points towards the tasty snack and another arrow leads to “If you are not the traffic warden please don’t rob the crisps… Don’t be that guy… No one likes that guy!”

The note is complete with what looks like a beer stain on it.

Is this enough to melt the heart of a traffic warden? Considering we’ve seen people get tickets when their wheels have been stolen, we’re not so sure.

Good on you for not drink driving though, man.