Lady in wheelchair wins treadmill on TV game show

Danielle Perez, possibly the first wheelchair user to appear on ‘The Price is Right’ won herself a treadmill, proving the show is not rigged and God is cruel.

A comedian by trade, Perez took the win with good humour, tweeting: “When you win a treadmill on national TV, but you have no feet”:

Perez, who has been in a wheelchair since 2004 after losing her legs in an accident told CNN: “I kept thinking that it was a really big joke,” she said with a laugh, “But there was no irony in their cheers or applause.”

Her tweet provoked many reactions online and not everybody shared her humour with the situation. Twitter user Carl Gottstein Jr, “Champion for Americas Judea-Christian Constitutional Majority” said she should be more grateful and offering to “bitch slap” anybody that disagrees:

Carl Gottstein Jr.

There’s always one

Show host Carey offered to help spin the wheel to ensure it made the required one full rotation, but Danielle insisted she do it herself and succeeded, landing on $0.75. Although she did not make it do the showcase showdown, she said being on the show, despite winning a treadmill was “so much fun”, quipping, “I mean, what would I do with a party boat, anyway?”

CBS said, “Every member of the ‘The Price is Right’ studio audience has a chance to be selected to play. Prizes are determined in advance of the show and are not decided based on the contestants.”

Perez says she isn’t sure what she’ll do with the treadmill when it arrives, maybe do with it what most people do with exercise equipment – treat it like a bit of furniture.