It’s now possible to get a degree in ‘Tacos’ at university

Students at the University of Kentucky in the United States can now take the undergraduate class, “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South”

taco degree

For some people, a large part of university consisted of billing their bellies with takeaway – now it can be the main course.

Steven Alvarez, an assistant professor on the course said “This class allows our students to explore the issues of immigration, inequality, workers, intercultural communication, and literacy through the prism of food,”

The course consists of studying the cultural significance of Mexican food and, you’ll be delighted to know, eating tacos and writing reviews of Mexican restaurants.

Does this sound like a dream course for you? Fancy a career change? Out-of-state fees for the university of Kentucky are a mere $37,610 . Tasty.