Islamic State fighters desert over pay cuts

Reports in the British press suggest that hundreds of ISIS fighters are deserting the caliphate in a dispute over wages.

pile of cash

“In God We Trust”

According to the Mirror, wages have been cut down to around £65 ($100) per month, a reduction from around £265 ($400) per month. If US Secretary of State John Kerry is to be believed, this follows a 75% pay cut in 2014, before which your average highly-trained terrorist was earning a whopping $1000 a month, which would be a pretty respectable salary pretty much anywhere in the Middle East that wasn’t Saudi Arabia or Dubai.

The salary of a brainwashed member of ISIS is, in fact, something else that “Supermarket Jihadi” Omar Hussain – aka Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani whinged about in his Tumblr blog. It really does beg the question: Are these morons committing atrocities in the name of their unwavering ideological faith? Which horrific as it is, at least demonstrates that they are fighting for something that their warped minds genuinely believe in. Or is it – as this desertion over pay seems to indicate, simply a matter of greed and doing whatever is asked of them to earn a paycheck, whilst papering over the cracks with religion.

“Allahu Akhbar” or “Dollarhu Akhbar”? Seems like crinkly paper cash beats god any day.