Identical twins that share boyfriend aim to get pregnant at same time

Perth-born identical twins Anna and Lucy Decinque who “share everything”, including a boyfriend aim to get pregnant at the same time.

Anna and Lucy Decinque have gone to great lengths to ensure they are as similar to each other as possible, spending almost a quarter of a million dollars on cosmetic procedures to ‘fix’ minor differences to make them look identical.

Outside of surgery, the pair ensure they eat the same food and follow the same exercise programme, down to the calorie, Lucy said: “If she walks a few metres, I need to walk a few metres because we have to burn the same calories”.

The twins are planning to bring this experience to its culmination by experiencing pregnancy together. “If I got pregnant Lucy would definitely get pregnant straight way — because our bodies need to be the same,” Anna said.

We can only assume that the boyfriend, who shares a super kingsize bed with the two girls, who live with their mother, is absolutely fine with this arrangement.