How to navigate new relationships and find lasting love

When a relationship breaks down and you suddenly find yourself single again, it can come as a blow to your self-esteem. Some people like to get back into the dating game as quickly as possible, seeking a replacement by going onto matching websites such as, rather than remaining single for any length of time. For others, a much more calculated approach is required in order to avoid repeating mistakes. So what would be the ideal way to navigate a new relationship and find a love that lasts?

Be confident in yourself
For your new relationship to have the best chance of developing into something fulfilling, the first thing you need to be focusing on is you. This might seem counter-intuitive when it comes to a two-way connection, but your relationship is never going to go anywhere if you are plagued by doubt and your confidence has been impacted by previous experiences. It is so important to have a strong sense of self-worth before committing to sharing your life with someone else. Always be confident in your own abilities, and if you have made errors of judgment in the past, that only makes you human.

Trust is always everything
No new relationship is going to last unless you have a strong sense of trust in one another. Although it is not always straightforward establishing this while getting to know a new partner, this is an aspect which must be developed quickly if you are to have a future. You must nurture a sense of trust, giving space to your new love interest, and never taking them for granted. The moment the trust is broken by one or other party, your likelihood of finding lasting love becomes seriously diminished.


Be honest with one another
It is crucial you are honest with a partner at all times. There may be occasions when you are tempted to tell white lies, but for the most part, it is absolutely vital you open up with each other. You’ll never be able to find lasting love if you hold things back, and those innocent little white lies transform into something far more potentially damaging.

Communication channels … always open
It is so important to communicate well at every level. This can be down to the flippant sweet nothings you whisper in each other’s ear when you are in bed together or simply relaxing watching television. Or it can be opening up about more serious issues in your lives, such as aspects of work, or where you see your relationship going in the longer-term. How about those big decisions, such as starting a family, or when does the time come to move in together, or perhaps move to a different town? Your love will be on-course for long-term happiness if you are able to share all these decisions, small and large, with equal confidence.

Develop that all-important chemistry
When you are navigating a new relationship, it is often the unseen and implied connection that brings you closer together. Yes, there will be obvious aspects, such as intimacy, or those memorable date experiences. But as you grow closer you will develop something far more potent with regard to lasting love, an inherent understanding. This is where chemistry has taken over.

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