Fruit machine thieves convicted after taking selfies during crime


Two thieves who couldn’t resist taking selfies and posting themselves to social media while stealing have been sentenced.

y Daniel Hutchinson (left) and Benjamin Robinson 'at work'
Daniel Hutchinson (left) and Benjamin Robinson ‘at work’

30-year-old Benjamin Robinson and 24-year-old Daniel Hutchinson have been sentenced at Bradford Crown Court after a string of fruit machine robberies.

Fortunately, the duo made it easy for police after their car was pulled for speeding by North Yorkshire police in 2014. Police found £3,000 in cash, balaclavas and a screwdriver – but the best evidence? Selfies on their phones and even some on Facebook linking them to their crimes.

Swag YOLO etc
Swag YOLO etc

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Walker, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “We knew we hit the jackpot when we investigated these lemons. These offenders carried out a string of crimes with no thought for the businesses they were targeting – but ultimately their greed, arrogance and affinity for selfies proved to be their downfall.”

After his previous court hearing, Benjamin Robinson commented: “I don’t care that I’m guilty. I’m not bothered mate. I love it mate.”

Robinson was sentenced to 32 months in prison while Hutchinson scored six months, suspended for two years and 120 hours of unpaid work.

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