Fallout 4 player sues game creators after losing wife and job

A Russian man is suing Fallout 4 creators, Bethesda after becoming so addicted to the game, he lost both his wife and job.

fallout 4

Fallout 4 has received glowing reviews from critics and hardcore fans alike, it’s basically another bloody good apocalyptic outing.

A Russian from Krasnoyarsk became so lost in the experience, he stopped going into work, which resulted in him being fired and completely ignored his wife to the point where she up and left him.

It wasn’t until completing the game, the man had an “oh, shit” moment and realised he’d fucked up his life. His response? To put all responsibility onto Bethesda, the game’s publisher. The man claims his experience was entirely the fault of Bethesda, who did not put a warning on the video game, letting users know of its addictive nature. Had he had such a warning, he would have waited until the holidays before he played the game.

The man is suing Bethesda for the sum of $7,000 USD, presumably what he valued his job and family at. It is unclear whether he will accept caps in a settlement.