Failed bank robber says ‘April Fools!’ to try and get away


Texas police are investigating an attempted bank robbery after a woman demanding money said “April Fools!” and left the bank.

bank vault

Police in Lubbock, Texas said they are investigating a bank robbery at a Wells Fargo branch that took place on Friday 1st April. While we’ve seen some odd bank robberies before, local papers report that a woman entered the bank and put her fingers under her jumper before demanding “all the money”.

As you would expect, the bank teller just stared at the woman. After what was probably a fairly awkward silence, the woman said “April Fools!” and left the bank.

Although there were no injuries and no money was taken,¬†Lieutenant Ray Mendoza from Lubbock police said,¬†“Whoever did this, joke or not, committed a robbery.”

The Editor

I wish it was satire.