Egypt police will arrest anyone giving ‘Free Hugs’

Egypt’s tourism police have warned that anyone that tries to participate in ‘Free Hug Day’ on 31st March, will be arrested.

free hugs

Ahmed Mostafa Shahin, Tourism Police Sector general manager said the free hug event “contradicts Egyptian law” and any participants would be arrested and could have up to one year in prison.

Organisers have been warned that even planning the event falls under public obscene act as per Article 278 of Egypt’s Criminal Code and also carries jail time.

There wherevent site site has Facebook user Ahmed Sayed urging people in New Marina, Hurghada to give and take free hugs, saying “if you want to hug you can come to the new marina and choose one and hug him…when you find tourist first then ask for free hug or not.”

Egyptian media has reported that local residents have also condemned the event, saying it does not fit with local customs and culture.

Let’s just hope nobody tries to put a rainbow flag up.