Dog accidentally runs half-marathon and gets medal

Ludivane, or ‘Ludo’ as she is called for short, was let out by her owner from her home in Alabama, but ended up taking on a bigger challenge.

dog marathon

Run, Ludo.

Apparently in the southern states in America, you don’t take you dog out for a walk, you just open the back door and let them go for a stroll themelves.

Two-year-old Ludivane felt like a little bit more than a stroll when her owner, April Hamlin let her out during the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon.

The young bloodbound got the scent of the run and came onto the track, completing the entire 21km course in 1 hour 23 minutes and 56 seconds, placing her seventh in the race.

Owner April was unaware as to her athletic pup’s exploits until people started sending her cute pictures like this:

dog medal

Ludo, looking confused.

Yup, the race organisers decided to honour Ludo’s commitment to the run by also awarding her a finisher medal.

Ludo still has a way to go before she holds a world record, though.