Dating tips for online relationships

It couldn’t be easier to get into online dating. Signing-up to use any matchmaking resource will involve a few easy steps: visit site, complete registration form, submit personal details, begin browsing through compatible potential partners.

But if you are new to all this and have only ever known what it was like to date using more traditional methods – blind dates, hooking up in bars, introductions by a mutual friend – then the prospect of connecting with someone in a virtual environment might well seem a little daunting. But there’s absolutely no reason why it should be stressful. Online relationships present a convenient way of getting to know someone really well. Here are some tips for internet dating.

Quality time
One of the greatest drawbacks of online dating compared to the offline version is the lack of closeness. When you’re slowly getting to know a new partner in the real world you can spend time in each other’s company and go out on actual dates, making contact regularly while building a rapport. But with modern technology it’s possible to have a far more intimate relationship than simply sending texts or emails.

Interactive software such as Skype or Facebook video messaging allows you to talk to your partner at any time, even although you might be separated by some distance. It’s a good idea to plan these moments well in advance to ensure you’re both seated by your web browser at the same time. This helps build a sense of anticipation. Because you’re conducting an online romance you are liable to put a lot more thought into your emails or texts (eventually sexts!) appreciating it will be a big deal for your partner to receive this personal message.


Avoid distractions, and the easiest way to do this is to regard touching base as a date in itself. This will help you to focus on making the best impression possible, rather than treating this opportunity off-handedly.

The bottom line is you need to set time aside for your significant other, ensuring there is regular communcation via any appropriate medium, whether that be telephone calls, emails, texts, Skype calls or any number of tools. Also, before you touch base make sure you’ve thought of a useful range of interesting conversation topics. You don’t want to waste your valuable time in each other’s virtual company engaged in irrelevant wittering. Think of potent and poignant things to talk about that will make them miss you.

One aspect of an offline relationship that has been running its course for some time is that routine can set in. This is just a natural thing that happens when a couple have reached a stage where they are content and perfectly at ease in each other’s company. In the online world, a similar sense of complacency would be disastrous. Because you are far more restricted in when you are actually going to be in each other’s company you have to make the most of limited opportunities. So always be thinking about surprising your partner. Send emails first thing in the morning or last thing at night, especially when you reckon they’ll be in bed. To receive a charming and flirtatious message while they’re relaxing in bed will make them form a mental picture of you snuggling under the duvet next to them.

Your emails or texts can also be a lot racier than the sweet nothings they might anticipate you whispering in their ear. Unfettered by distractions, you can lace your messages with innuendos or suggestive remarks. Your sexting will guarantee their blood pressure remains simmering until you do arrange a get-together.

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