CIA accidentally left explosives on school bus

The CIA is being criticised after accidentally leaving high-explosives on a school bus in Virginia after a training exercise.

c4 explosives

The material, described “putty-type” explosives was left in the engine compartment of the bus as it was used to ferry children to and from school on Monday and Tuesday. It was left there after a training session that involved dogs detecting explosives.

Fortunately, plastic explosives require special detonators to make an explosion, so CIA officials were quick to say that the material “did not pose a danger to passengers on the bus”

The CIA trainers explained that explosive material had been placed in the engine compartment of the school bus last Thursday to test a dog’s ability to find it, which the dog successfully did. However, some parts of the explosives had broken off and fallen deeper into the engine compartment and became trapped beneath hoses. It is standard procedure for school bus drivers to check under the bonnet, but the package was wedged too deep inside for it to be seen.

It was only when the bus went in for maintenance that the explosives were discovered.

“The training materials used in the exercises are incredibly stable and according to the CIA and Loudoun County explosive experts the students on the bus were not in any danger from the training material,” according to a Sheriff’s Office statement.

All other school buses were checked as a precaution. Hopefully, schools around the state will further invest in technology to keep their children safe.