Chewbacca mask video mum breaks internet

A mum has become an internet sensation after putting up a video of her new braying Chewbacca mask.

Candace Payne, 37, is not even a Star Wars fan but brought the mask on a whim because it was on clearance at a store in Dallas, Texas.

She then broadcast a video on Facebook Live from the store parking lot – which became the most watch Facebook Live video of all time!


Candace laughs hysterically throughout the video as she tries out the mask for the first time. It’s quality entertainment, folks!

After her video went viral, she told the BBC: “That’s just crazy. “I’m just laughing – in all honesty, that is ridiculous. I’ve looked at the number of views and it just seems like someone is just playing with a calculator.”

So far, more than 90 million people have watched Candace fall abotu laughing as she shows off her new purchase.