Would you buy a house from these agents?

When you’re looking to buy a house, you’d think that estate agents would give you the best possible photographs to show off properties on their books.

But as this incredible collection of real estate agent photographs clearly shows (and see even more at terriblerealestateagentphotos.com), some are severely lacking in both photographic and creative skills.


In some cases, they’re not helped by the revolting state of the house, and there’s no accounting for taste. But even so…

First up is this loo with a wonderful view over the garden. But while you’re enjoying the outlook, your neighbours might turn their noses up.

bad estate agent photo
Poo with a view

Or how would you like this loo, where your loved one can pull up a cosy chair and watch while you go about your business?

bad estate agent photo
View to a poo

But this has to be best loo of the lot. Not only does it appear to be in the same room as the kitchen – but it’s next to a large window for the outside world to see in as well.

bad estate agent photo
A bog standard kitchen

Leaving the human lavatory habits behind, you’d think agents would have no trouble in the back garden. Think again.

bad estate agent photo
Squatter’s rights

Talking of gardens, presumably, this agent was selling this property with the keen gardener in mind.

bad estate agent photo
Welcome to the jungle

Some gardens have a swimming pool – the perfect feature for an estate agent to show off for maximum wow factor. While we’re going through these, it’s worth keeping in mind some real estate agents do a great job of marketing. Go to this page to see a cool example of how it should be done.

bad estate agent photo
Splash the cash on this beauty

Moving back inside, and we discover a problem that agents really should overcome – how to keep the homeowner out of the pictures. Sometimes it can be just damned creepy.

bad estate agent photo
Sleep well, he only comes at weekends when he’s hungry

If the property needs modernisation, what better way to illustrate it than to keep the elderly owners in the shot?

bad estate agent photo
All mod cons: old people not included

This homeowner was so engrossed in his crossword he just could not be bothered to get out of the way.

bad estate agent photo
Eight letters: clueless

And there’s just no rational explanation for this one at all. Perhaps he’s the original sitting tenant?

bad estate agent photo
Not moving

Meanwhile, if you’ve got the agents coming round, don’t get so hammered the night before that you can’t be arsed to get out of bed.

bad estate agent photo
Dreaming of the perfect home

No unwanted human additions to sales photos, however, can be compared to this. A pig. Yes, that’s right. A pig.

bad estate agent photo
Bringing home the bacon

Or indeed, a horse.

bad estate agent photo
Stable environment

And when there is no human or animal interference, you’d think an agent would insist on a bit of a clean-up to make the place look good.

bad estate agent photo
Recently painted

Or at least just tidy up.

bad estate agent photo
Described as ‘lived in’

Sometimes there is no accounting for taste, but wouldn’t you try to hide it from potential buyers?

bad estate agent photo
Swastika on the far right wall

And finally, even if the previous owner’s cock-up is accidental, there’s no need to make a big thing of it.

bad estate agent photo
Dirty windows

For more hilarious photos like this, take a look at terriblerealestateagentphotos.com