Belfast baker refuses to bake “gay cake”

Ashers Bakery in Belfast has been the subject of a legal row after it refused to bake a cake celebrating a gay marriage on religious grounds.

Rainbow cake

We were unable to confirm whether this cake has been baptised.

After being found guilty of discrimination and being general bigoted “dickheads”, as you can imagine the negative reviews have started to pour in on Asher’s Facebook company listing. It turns out that in the 21st century, the general consensus is that people should not be deprived of cake based on their sexual orientation.

Ashers bakery gay cake reviewsAshers bakery gay cake reviewsAshers bakery gay cake reviewsAshers bakery gay cake reviewsAshers bakery gay cake reviews
A sample of the Facebook reviews being left

Ashers Bakery was however, not without it’s supporters. We did manage to find one, lone supporter – unfortunately though, they did not have the wherewithal to post to the correct Facebook page, instead posting on a similarly named company in Scotland.

Ashers Bakery supporter

Doing the Lord’s work. A valiant effort.

The judge in the upheld the claim that there was discriminatory activity on both political and religious views, as well as sexual orientation. Damages of £500 were agreed in advance by both legal teams and will be donated to charity.

Religious supporters said it was “a dark day for justice and religious freedom in Northern Ireland”.