Sizzling gizmo raises the bacon stakes

Bacon Express

What could possibly make your love of bacon any greater? Well, how about a gadget that lets you grill it on your kitchen worktop with no mess?

The Bacon Express sits on your work surface like a toaster. Open up the sides, lay your strips of juicy bacon across the top, close it up, and off you go!

All you need to do is select how crispy you want your delicious bacon to be. Best of all, it’s ready in minutes, and all the greasy fat goes to a bowl at the bottom, easily cleared away!

It’s the percect addition to any kitchen, just like one of the funny mugs featured in this collection.

Watch the Bacon Express in action here…

Does that set your mouth watering? The cool gadget is available priced at $39.99 on Amazon in the United States. They’ll ship to the UK for a further $25.