Australia opens first ‘hangover clinic’

No more excuses for staying in bed after a heavy night out in Oz, you can now get yourself down to a hangover clinic for treatment to pep you up.


It’s not surprising a nation that sports people blasting around on motorised picnic tables drinking beer needs some help beating their hangovers.

The clinic, which is opening in Sydney offers a 30-minute solution for even the most crippling hangover.

Prices start a $140AU (about £65) and go north from there. The clinic uses some techniques that have been quietly popular for some years with military medics for getting the inside track on hangover recovery; namely attaching an IV drip to quickly rehydrate the body.

Max Petro of the Hangover Clinic explains that you’ll first be assessed by a doctor before getting treatment including a 2-litre vitamin cocktail hydration drip and oxygen therapy.

The clinic has already drawn criticism, with detractors fearing such clinics will encourage binge drinking to the extreme with boozers thinking they can get away scot-free.

Max defended the clinic, telling 3News: “We don’t sell any alcohol. There’s no one binge drinking in our clinic. We’re just there to make sure people can get on with their day.”