Atheists declared terrorists by chair of UN Human rights council

Despite King Abdullah – back in 2014 – declaring that all atheists are terrorists, Saudi Arabia have been chosen to chair an independent UN council on human rights.

Atheists are terrorists

“Science damn it”

In a dictat that also threatened up to 20 years’ imprisonment for any Saudi who fights in conflicts abroad, presumably to deter Saudis from joining Syrian rebels, the same punishment will be applied to anybody who “calls for secular thought in any form, or calls into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.”

Not believing in a mystical, invisible, imaginary man in the sky therefore lumps you into the same melting pot as ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, the IRA and Al-Quaeda (and let us not forget that Osama Bin Laden was, in fact, a very wealthy Saudi Arabian chap). Yes – holding on to the idea that there is no Heaven (despite the deliciousness of Nutella) nor Hell, which sounds like a lot more fun, or the fact that there probably aren’t 72 virgins waiting for you if you kill as many people as possible by exploding your half-witted, ideologically poisoned  fucktard self in an otherwise everyday street market full of innocent people – thinking for just a second that religiously-imposed tenets such as “kill homosexuals, stone women to death if they get raped and execute anybody who doesn’t believe the same twaddle as the boss” just maybe, might be wrong, means that you are classed as the same sort of scum as people who rape, torture and execute everybody they don’t like today. Hang on a second –which one of those was the Saudi government (who put so many people to death that they recently had to hire extra executioners) and which ones were the terrorists?

Despite popular opinion, many terrorist attacks are committed for political purposes, rather than in the name of religion. People of all races, colours and creeds have committed atrocities and yes – some of them were atheists; Joseph Stalin being one of the most historically notorious (and before you start blabbing, Hitler was a Catholic. If you don’t believe that, please learn to read), but Stalin didn’t commit mass genocide in the name of atheism, he did it because he was a psychopathic, power hungry bastard. It’s difficult to find any act of terror committed in the name of atheism, whereas pretty much every world religion can lay claim to quite a few, actually. Apart from Rastafari, possibly, whose most vile crime is probably the commission of the “bogart”.

But in Saudia Arabia, just the thought that all is not quite right with the doctrine to which you are supposed to adhere; just the question that there might be something a little bit over-the top in that book that was written so many hundreds of years ago, or just the smallest concern that crucifying people for no real reason at all might be a bit of a drastic over-reaction, then that, in Saudia Arabia, chair of a United Nations Council for Human Rights, makes you a terrorist.

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