‘Artist’ makes £60,000 selling another person’s Instagram photo

In a feat which proves rich art-lovers can be the douchiest people on the planet, artist Richard Prince has managed to flog a picture he found on Instragram for £60,000.

Doe Deere Instragram Photo

Doe Deere Instragram Photo. Worth £60,000. Appaz.

Imagine a world where you could make a living as an artist, not by toiling at the clay wheel, squinting as you dab the final touches on your masterpiece, or even taking off the final flecks from your latest sculpture. No. That all sounds like way to much hard work for the 21st century.

If you’ve got a bit of clout in the art world and a place to exhibit your work, all you have to do is have a little scrolly through Instragram, find some pictures you like and make sure you remove any text and replace it with a comment to get around copyright law.

This was exactly the case with Doe Doree, the CEO of cosmetics company Lime Crime.  After making this Instagram post, she discovered it in Richard’s latest exhibit in the Gagosian Gallery, in Madison Avenue, New York.

This isn’t the first time that Richard has come underfire for using others to ‘inspire’ his works. In 2008 he won appeal in the landmark intellectual property case Cariou v. Prince.

Patrick Cariou lost the case, where photos from his book Yes Rasta were used by prince like this:

Patrick Cariou Yes Rasta

No, this isn’t the work of a child but a well respected artist. Honestly.

As you can see in the above picture, Prince has taken Cariou’s original photo (left) and let his inner artist go absolutely wild and produced the masterpiece you can see on the right. This was found by an actual court of law to be “fair use”.

Might get into this art game myself.