Amazon to start delivering booze to your door within 1 hour of single click

Nothing will stop you in your pursuit to get blotto while home alone as retail giant Amazon tests instant alcohol deliveries to Prime customers near its HQ in Seattle.

Drunk at home

“What did I drink last night? Better check my browser history.”

In the final stages of our technical evolution we can finally have alcohol delivered to our homes within 1 hour ($7.00) or 2 hours (free) just by moving our fingers a couple of times in the right place on an iPad, all thanks to our kind overlords at Amazon.

Is this a good thing? Or have you been saved on numerous occasions when you’ve had one too many to drive to the store to get another bottle? Or that time the party that should have ended 2 hours ago only did because the booze ran dry… Those¬†nights you’d probably have a drink after work – but you can’t get yourself out of the chair you’ve slumped yourself into, so you have a banana instead.

Not anymore fuckface. No excuses, first one to fall asleep loses – mine’s a triple.

This is how I die.