74% of UK children spend less time outside than prisoners

A survey has found that the vast majority if children in the United Kingdom spend less time outside than prison inmates and one-fifth didn’t play outside at all.

children playing outside

The poll, which was funded by Persil as part of their Dirt is Good campaign questioned a representative sample of 2,000 parents of 5-12-year-olds and found that 74% of them spend less than 60 minutes playing outside. The United Nation’s guidelines for prisoners requires “at least one hour of suitable exercise in the open air daily”.

What are kids doing nowadays? You’ll probably not be surprised to learn they’re spending that time in front of the screen, whether it’s the TV, iPad or console. While we’ve seen schools crack down on the ‘danger’ that kids can face going outside, experts warn that active outdoor play is essential to the health and development of children.

The Guardian brought to light a government report that showed over 10% of children had not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment in the last 12 months.

Seriously, make your kids go outside.