10 solid Christmas gift ideas for people that love video games

If your significant other glued to their game box? Buying games can be risky – here’s 10 other things they might like for Christmas this year!

#1 A subtle gaming t-shirt

afk apparel gaming t-shirts
Available from: AFK Apparel
Price: £13.99 – £16.99
The idea: Gamers sometimes don’t have the best rep when it comes to dressing themselves, but hey- they don’t always want ‘Superdry’ emblazoned on their top. AFK Apparel specialise in a small range of gaming t-shirts that offers a subtle nod to some of the best-known games. They have United Nations Space Corps t-shirts for Halo fans, the iconistic Street Fighter 2 ‘Hadouken’ special move in t-shirt form as well as shirts for the classic Portal and Bioshock series.

Does your boyfriend have no Xbox One? No Playstation 4? No console in sight? Perhaps it’s time to honour him with the PC Master Race gaming t-shirt this Christmas.

All of the t-shirts professionally screen-printed on Gilden ‘Heavy’ cotton t-shirts and they’re machine washable. AFK also offer a 60 day no questions money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

#2 Nintendo 64 cartridge soaps

Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

Available from: Firebox
Price: £9.99
The idea: Let him be reminded of a golden age in gaming (this probably means GoldenEye) with these Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps. These soaps are a 1:1 scale replica of Nintendo 64 cartridges, handmade in the US of A and oddly enough, are made from all vegan ingredients, should you want to, you know… eat one.

#3 Steering wheel and pedals for his PC/Xbox/Playstation

steering wheel and pedals

Available from: Amazon
Price: £79.99+
The idea: Go and have a look at your boyfriend’s gaming collection. Do you see Forza? Project Gotham Racing? Or perhaps you’ve been caught in that romantic dinner conversation about just how realistic those driving physics are?

Aside from realistic physics, modern driving games are programmed to interact directly with hardware (the steering wheel). This means, while you’re zooming around the track, if you hit a wet patch and aquaplane, the steering wheel will go loose and unresponsive, you go over grass and it will vibrate. While pretty pricey, these steering wheel and pedal combos add a massive amount of enjoyment onto the racing experience that a controller could never provide.

Be warned; if you don’t have a £80+ budget, then skip this one. For £50, you’ll get a piece of plastic that is essentially a novelty-shaped controller – not a patch on the performance offered by the more expensive bits of kit. Just imagine what he’ll get you in return next year?

Recommended steering wheel and pedal combinations for:

Xbox One: Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

Xbox 360: Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Cockpit F458 Italia

Playstation 4: Hurricane Steering Wheel

Playstation 3: Logitech G27 Force Feedback Wheel and Pedal Set

PC: Logitech G27 Force Feedback Wheel and Pedal Set

#4 A unique gaming vinyl clock

video gaming vinyl clock

Available from: Etsy UK
Price: £23.40
The idea: Lovingly hand painted by Ryszard from Wrocław, Poland, these vinyl clocks certainly are unique. Currently in stock are vinyl clocks for the Grand Theft Auto Series, Payday, Zelda, Mario and even hit indie game, Hotline: Miami.

If you get your order in early, you can even ask him to paint a custom job for you.

#5 A comfy gaming slouch or pro gaming chair
gaming chair

Available from: Amazon
Price: £25.95 – £54.99
The idea: Fact: Gaming ain’t easy. It can certainly take a physical toll when you’re required to keep your body in a stationary position for hours on end. Gaming chairs are one of those things many people are reluctant to buy for themselves but, my word, when you own one – you’ll never look back.

For the console sloucher: You can pick up these super-comfy beanbag chairs for just over £25 – they are great for getting a few mates in front of the TV with controllers.

For the propped-up PC gamer: For sitting at desks, there’s some great offers on Amazon at the moment. This Eliza Tinsley Racing Style Gaming Chair is a steal with 39% off.

Super comfy and providing a lot of support means less back problems and generally a happier gamer this Christmas.

#6 This immense Tetris light

Tetris Light for Christmas

Available from: Amazon
Price: Usually £29.99 – Currently £21.88 (at time of writing.)
The idea: Lights need not be boring! Fashioned in the style of the omni-known classic, Tetris – this light is actually configurable from seven different parts. You plug in the bottom blue block, then any block you place on top will automatically light up – magic! You can make the light any shape you want and rebuild it when you’re bored. It’s also on sale at the moment!

#7 Portal bookends

portal bookends

Available from: Amazon
Price: £39.95
The idea: Based on the incredibly popular ‘Portal’ franchise, these bookends will distinguish any proud gamers bookshelf, showing their support for science and innovation. Just remember, if your future self comes back in time to warn you not to buy this gift, don’t listen to them.

#8 A genuine Minecraft torch

minecraft torch

Available from: Firebox
Price: £29.99
The idea: If your significant other has been spending a significant amount of time in Minecraft, it might be time to let them take some of that world into their world. Still with me? For just £29.99 from Firebox, can get an officially licensed, low-pixel Minecraft torch (batteries not included of course) – you don’t even need to mine any of your own resources.

#9 An awesome phone case

iphone gamer case

Available from: Amazon
Price: £5.99
The idea: Look at their phone case. Is it old? is it rubbish? Just buy them one of these, even as a stocking filler. There is a massive range of them and they start from about five quid, you really can’t go wrong.

#10 Gaming collectable figure

collectable figures

Available from: Amazon
Price: £14.90
The idea: They invested hundreds of hours playing the hero – so why not bring the hero to their desk to keep them company? There’s dozens of collectable figures you can get, starting from around £15 going all the way up to £100. If they don’t like it, you can always play with it!