Nevada approves “death to all humans” machine for roads

The state of Nevada has has approved autonomous, self-driving trucks manufactured by Daimler to be driven on US roads.

Not a driverless truck

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive trucks arguably offers many advantages; from a more efficient logistics supply chain to lower fuel costs and of course, road safety.

That’s right, with studies showing that 90% of traffic accidents are caused by us fallible meatbags, the benefits of machine drivers become clear; They don’t get tired, drunk, or get road rage and most importantly, you don’t need to make awkward conversion with them on work car trips.

It is still unclear whether the machine drivers emulate true human behaviour; such as to insist overtaking the other truck that is going ever so slightly slower and blocking both lanes of the dual carriageway.

While great minds of our time such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence rising up and using humans as a food supplement, insurance companies are already investing time in the big questions around if you lose your no claims bonus if your own car crashes itself.

Drivers need not fear for their jobs yet, however.. Diamler actually mumbled that there would still need to be a driver in the cab in case of “unexpected hazards”. At the very least, it will give them more time to read at the wheel.