Man skips work for over 10 years and nobody notices


A 69-year-old Spanish man as been fined this week after a case concluded showing he hadn’t turned up to work for as much as 14 years.

messy office desk

What would your desk look like if you didn’t turn up to work for a decade? You’d at least hope somebody would notice, right? This week, the case of Spanish worker Joaquin Garcia came to an end after it was proven he hadn’t show up to work for at least 6 years, possible as many as 14, but still drew a salary.

Ironically, civil servant Garcia’s work-dodging only came to light when the deputy mayor turned up to give him am award for “20 years of loyal and dedicated service” in 2010, only to find he, well, couldn’t find him.

Garcia was in charge of supervising the construction of a local water treatment plant, with the water company thinking the city council was in charge of him, and the city council thinking the water company was managing him. The investigation concluded that Garcia had done “absolutely no work” for a period of at 3 years, hadn’t turned up to his office for at least 6 years – possibly as long as 14 years, nobody is quite sure. A manager at the water company admitted that despite having an office for Garcia, he had never once seen him.

The court ruled that Garcia must pay a fine of $21,000, about one year’s salary after his appeal that he had been bullied and given a job with no actual work, failed.

What did he do with all that spare time? The Guardian reports that Garcia became “an avid reader of philosophy and an expert on the works on Spinoza.”

The Editor

I wish it was satire.