Japanese man makes fake arms to avoid selfie-stick shame


Not quite jumping the shark with underwear vending machines, Japan proves itself a cultural pioneer once again with fake arm selfie-sticks.

fake arm selfie sticks

It’s a real 21st century problem: You want to capture yourself in that moment, you have the technology to do it, but you can’t trust any other fucker not to run off with your phone.

Just as in nature, need knows no bounds. The evolution driven fuelled by ‘needs-must’ is what gave the giraffe their ridiculous looking long neck (and nervous system), just as our insatiable appetite to take hundreds of photos of ourselves birthed the brutally embarrassing, but practical selfie-stick into the world.

As some kind of weird-genetic mutation offshoot of the selfie-stick, we now have this:

Mansun selfie arms

Meet Mansun, from Tokyo, Japan. He has decided, like many civilised people who tut at tourists blocking the street that selfie-sticks are actually pretty embarrassing.

Rather than just complain about a problem, Mansun, like Edison and other great inventors before him, sought an engineering solution. You can see Mansun’s hard design work on Omocoro.jp – but he obviously has an eye for detail:

an early technical drawing
An early technical drawing

From these humble beginnings, Mansun successfully managed to modify existing selfie sticks with prosthetic hands in an attempt to camouflage the sticks.

selfie stick hands
It’s like a slightly narcissist terminator

There was only one remaining problem to solve. For the selfie-sticks to retain their practical use, he would need to accommodate his freaky long arms, lest he draw even more attention to himself. Mansun took to modifying a shirt he owned to cover up the sticks and was finally ready for a road test.

He took the selfie-stick arms out in public, in Tokyo:





"Sweet technological victory"
“Sweet technological victory”

Mansun took a series of selfies and was pleased to report that “anyone hardly even noticed” his extra-long arms. Either that, or they were just too terrified to say anything, Mansun.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.