Is a 20 minute Tony Blair speech worth £330,000 to world hunger conference?


Tony Blair dodged his appointment to address The World Hunger Forum in Stockholm last weekend in a row over his £16,500 per minute fee not being met.

Tony Blair World Hunger Forum
Cash, money, cash, money. Hoes.

Tony Blair’s office said there would be “no negotiations” over his fee, which per-minute is higher than the yearly salary of someone on minimum wage in the UK.

The ‘Eat’ conference had apparently been in talks with the former Prime Minister for months, offering £125,000 for an appearance having paid Bill Clinton £327,000 to speak last year. The organisers confirmed that the talks eventually collapsed as the fee demanded was ‘quite high’.

A source told The Mail:

“Blair is just not Clinton, and even his star power is fast diminishing. So for his talent reps to think Eat was going to pay massive bucks for him shows they overestimated his worth. My impression of the asking price is it was way beyond what he was worth for Eat. Blair is also controversial. His background and history as prime minister is controversial because of the role he played in Iraq.

Some people don’t like his past, so when the forum organisers took that and the asking price into account, they decided to make do without him.”

The fee broke down to a £250,000 donation to the Cherie Blair Foundation along with a whopping £80,000 for ‘expenses’, which presumably covers the hiring of the golden unicorns that were going to fly him to the conference.

Tony’s had some stick for amassing his personal fortune which is estimated at £100 million, although he claims it is much nearer the paltry sum of £20 million. Interestingly though, a company Mr. Blair set up managed to halve its tax bill this year, only paying £300,000 corporation tax on £14,000,000 revenue.

How? Around 90% of the revenue was claimed as ‘administrative expenses’.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.