Child competes with the Hoff in drinking competition

There have been disturbing reports that more and more children are discovering they can get properly mashed up by drinking hand sanitiser.

Children getting drunk on hand sanitiser
“This is Purell, the good stuff – none of that Boot’s own brand shit”

The Georgian Poison Centre reports that since 2010 there has been a 400% increase in reported cases of children drinking hand sanitiser.

If you’ve never bothered reading the bottle, hand sanitisers generally range from 70% to 95% in alcoholic content- it’s basically like cheap absinthe for children.

A CNN report today tells the story of sweet six-year-old Nhaijah Russel who decided to take three or four squirts of the stuff because “it tasted like strawberries”. A fair enough argument, but like so many Apple Sourz, Mickey Finns and Vodka Jellys, little Nhaijah no matter how good it tastes, it doesn’t do your insides any good.

So drunk she was unable to walk or talk, Nhaijah was taken to hospital with a blood alcohol content of .179.

To put that in context, a BA level of .179 is just over half of David Hasselhoff’s BA (.39) when he himself was admitted to ER and when he pulled shit like this:

Kids. Keep an eye on them, yeah?