Christians force driver to change beastly number plate


Daniel D’Aloisio got his number plate VI6SIX to pay homage to his late father and favourite sports team.

The vehicle plate configuration had specific meanings for Daniel, whose father died when he was 19, because each element represented something they both enjoyed while following their local ice hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens.

Daniel explained the VI is short for vie, which is French for “life”. The 6 is from 1976, when he was just two years old and Montreal won the Stanley Cup, and ‘six’ is the total number of Stanley Cups he and his father celebrated together.

Further, their favourite player was Mario Lemieux, who wore the jersey number 66.

666 number plate
Beastly number plate (photo Global News TV)

His chosen plate, which has adorned his car for 15 years, would seem a personal and heartwarming choice.

But not everyone saw it that way. Read the plate again – the VI is Roman numeral for 6, so when read out loud the plate would be 666, which in the New Testament is “the number of the beast” which many Christians associate with the devil.

So the local Christians complained to the Government that the plate was satanic – and Daniel is being forced to change it.

“I just feel like I am being strong-armed by the ministry,” he told Global News television in Canada.

The local ministry has at least offered to help pay for a new plate.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.